VibeRate Foam Roller

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VibeRate Foam Roller

PLENO 4-Speed Vibratory Roller, Electric Foam Roller, High-Intensity Deep Tissue Roller

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Electric Vibration Massage Yoga Foam Roller Rechargeable Backrest Leg Adjustment Massager Yoga Fitness Electric Massage Stick

★ HIGH-INTENSITY VIBRATION – Vibration enhances the effectiveness a foam roller has on your muscles. Its powerful motor delivers high-penetration relief and helps roll out tightness better than basic foam rolling.

★ SHORTEN RECOVERY TIME – Our vibrating foam roller increases range of motion, blood flow, and flexibility by up to 40% (compared to 18% with a standard foam roller)

★ DEEP BENEFITS – Vibration rollers improve stretch, flexibility & circulation, joint range of motion, lower stress & soreness and can release sciatic nerve pain. Body equipment to relax hamstrings, arm, calf and glutes, leg quad, iliotibial band, and upper back

★ MATERIAL – The roller’s outer shell is made of eco-friendly polypropylene plastic and has been air injected for maximum vibration to roll out your body. The simple grooved design provides an even deeper roll.

★ 4 SPEED SETTINGS – Low/Medium/High-Speed Levels plus a rhythmic pattern Auto Speed Level for effortless muscle relaxation. Ideal for warming up, circulation improvement especially after weightlifting, yoga, cycling, running, cardio, or any other exercise. The foam roller can help relieve muscle pain in your lower and upper back, knees, leg, hamstrings, and more.

★ 12” SIZE ROLLER – Easier to carry and use. Shorter and smart, ultra-portable. Enjoy your personal massage therapist anytime, anywhere. It could be your best partner when you work out.

★ RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – The roller can give 3 hours of use per charge and can be recharged more than 350 times a whole lifetime.

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