TravelSleeper Inflatable Travel Mattress

$95.99 $47.99

TravelSleeper Inflatable Travel Mattress

$95.99 $47.99

Carbed™ Inflatable car air mattress is a great accessory through which you will have great comfort on the road.

Thinking of camping out the weekend Planning a road trip but pondering upon the stressful overnight drive? With our Carbed™ inflatable car mattress you will not have to worry about it anymore.

It is an inflatable air mattress specially designed for cars and travel purpose that is made to fit the second row of any car and instantly converts the seating area into a comfortable bed. The resting pillow can be kept at the front of the seat to support the bed while you sleep over it.

Make a bed, right in your car

Seeing that there are a lot of situations that may arise and would warrant anyone to take a nap or inevitably sleep in his/her car, it is important to have a car air mattress as a useful alternative. This is to ensure you don’t eventually wake up to excruciating neck or back pain from sleeping in a manner that’s not comfortable. Car air beds are convenient, reliable, and will enable you to get the rest you desire in a way that is highly recommended.great for camping, road trips, nights out, emergencies, and more.

Easy to set up

Compared to setting up tents that involve a million pegs and poles and a lot of time, this can be set up with just a pump and a few minutes. Simply fully inflate both the mattress and the pillows and place them onto the back seat.

Fit for most cars

Made of thick, soft and velvety PVC oxford fabric. Fits most car models, Saloon car, SUV, MPV, except for the Lengthen Lincolns, Trucks and minibus,perfect for camping, travel, festivals, surf trips and adventures.

Designed for comfortable

With the Carbed™ Inflatable Car Mattress, you get two pillows, a comfy bed and a great sleep that is guaranteed to refresh you for your next destination.  Made with a thick flocking cloth, you can relax after a tiring day behind the wheel, much like how you can relax on your bed.


Material: PVC
Color: Black, Beige, Gray,Blue
Size: as picture show
Package Weight: approx. 2530-2557g

Package Included:

1 x Carbed™ Inflatable Bed
2 x Inflatable Pillows
1 x Electric Air Pump
1 x Repairing Set
1 x Storage Bag

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