Rotating LED Party Light Bulb


Rotating LED Party Light Bulb

Looking for stuff that will liven and upgrade your parties to the next level? No need for light show agencies or expensive effects!

Create ambient & lively parties with the Rotating LED Party Light Bulb! Turn any empty hall into a spectacular light display!

Versatile light display effect!

Perfect for use at homes, night clubs, bars and reception halls. Use them for holidays, weddings, birthdays, dance parties, and other occasions.

Multiple rotating colorful LED lights…

Choose between various smooth transitions and multiple strobe party modesBright LED flashes different colorful patterns.

This flashes six colors that change, combine and rotate automatically to create the best effects! Great for both outdoor and indoor use.

Safe and harmless for your family & your home…

Made with extra-long life LEDs for long hours of enjoyment and fun! LED lights do not contain mercury and do not contain any harmful material.

Easy DIY use…

Simply plug it to any of your normal sockets. No more dangling or messy wirings. Watch your socket as it transforms into a disco ball once you plug this in! Fits standard light fixtures or lamps.

Party or disco anywhere!

Bring the party anywhere or just enjoy your own at home with its handy and portable design.

Add fun and enjoyment to any party or anywhere you go! Grab this Rotating LED Party Light Bulb NOW! 


Material: ABS

Socket Type Options: US, UK, EU

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