Multi-Function Scratch Remove & Polish Cloth


Multi-Function Scratch Remove & Polish Cloth

Introducing a New Revolutionary Multi-Function Scratch Remove & Polish Cloth to REMOVE those pesky car paint surface scratches and scuffs where other products have failed. Easy to use, no sweat, no mess, dust or liquid in bottles to store and worry about. IN MINUTESeasily removes light scratches from your car, boat, motorcycle, and even your appliances and furniture or any other unsightly scratches from surfaces. It will even remove some of those deeper paint scratches with a little more patience.相关图片


  • Nano Scratch Removal

Car scratch cloth using the safe formula with nano-technology, Scratch removal for cars repairs superficial scratches caused by a fingernail, broken branches, sandstones, vehicle scrape.

  • Restore paint but no damage

Scratch remove cloth apply to various types and colors vehicles. It contains abrasives, polishes, lubricants, and mineral oil, restores but no damage for car paint. No pungent odor, no poison, no corrosion.

  • Cost-effective

Just use magic scratch remover to fix scratches, no need to go to the body shop at every awkward time. This magic cloth can be used about 10-15 times.

  • Additional Repair Functions
Car paint scratch repair cloth has super strength to wipe out scratches, guano, colloid, paint oxidation, asphalt, rust stains, dirt, and clean real leather, leather, hardware rubber, wooden furniture.

  • Easy Use
  1. Clean up and dry the surface of the dirty area before using the magic cloth.
  2. Wear the gloves, Wipe the scratches and dirt with the smart towel.
  3. Clean up the surface by other cloth, and Put it back, keep sealed for reuse.


  • Size: 20x10cm
  • Material: Polyester.
  • Color: As Shown.


Choose Your Bundle…

  • Package A: BUY 1 ONLY(NO DISCOUNT).
  • Package B: BUY 2 GET 3.
  • Package C: (Most Cost-effective)BUY 5 GET 10.


  • Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement.
  • Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color shown on the pictures.
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