Fluffy Anti-Anxiety Calming Pet Bed

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Fluffy Anti-Anxiety Calming Pet Bed

🥺Many pets suffer separation anxiety when the owner’s away.🥺

😍But they don’t have to when you have this bed! This will keep them relaxed and relieved while you’re out! 🐈

This Fluffy Pet Bed has been the owners’ favorite to keep their pets away from separation anxiety!

😿Separation Anxiety is a mental issue that is commonly found in pets, especially but not exclusive found in puppies. Their sense of loneliness might cause a series of other mental, physical and even behavioral issues, making your head aches.

😻Anti-Anxiety Design!😻 These fluffy beds are a great way to keep your pets relaxed and at ease while you’re away because they resemble the touch and softness of an actual hug from a mother, keep them at ease effortless!

💯Scientifically Proven Anti-Anxiety Therapy!💯 Inspired by the psychological research on alleviating anxiety, this fluffy bed is designed to provide your pets with a relaxing sensation that imitates the furry touch of their mother, giving them a relief that originated from their childhood!

🐈A Bed For Both Your Feline And Canine Babies!🐕 This calming bed has been a widely popular bed for both cats and dogs! Give your pet a relieved time while you’re away with this bed today!

✅Premium Durability!✅ This fluffy pet bed is made of soft, shed-proof vegan fur that is machine-washable. The slip-proof bottom will provide your pets with a great safety protection while at use. The airy bouncy cotton makes it feel like a piece of soft cloud!


  • Dimensions: 40*40*18 CM
  • Weight: 400G
  • Materials: Premium Faux Fur, Elastic PP Cotton


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