ETERNAL55 Smart Beverage Heater

$31.99 $15.99

ETERNAL55 Smart Beverage Heater

$31.99 $15.99

Keep your beverage at constant temperature!

 Constant Temperature – The ETERNAL55 is a smart beverage heater designed to keep your beverage at constant temperature(55℃/131℉) for a long time and keep this temperature whole day for a good sip!

☕ Constant Warming Convenience – Enjoy a warm cup of coffee/tea ready for you enjoy at any time! The ETERNAL55 provides you with a constant temperature control for your drinks so you can sip on the perfect drink anytime you want without having to reheat!

☕ Universal Applicability – The ETERNAL55 comes with a 3.5″ diameter heating plate for a universal fit for any cups and mugs! The heating plate is perfect for glass cups, stainless steel cups, Ceramic cups, etc. Use it for any cups! 

Intelligent Pressure-Activated Control – The ETERNAL55 is easily activated by pressing on the switch! The safe pressure-activated control will automatically turn off once you pick up the cup, enable you with a smart and safe heating experience!

☕Easy Cleaning Waterproof Heating – The ETERNAL55 comes in a waterproof build to prevent short circuit! Spilled your drinks? No worries! Simply wipe it off for a no fuss cleaning and it’s good as new again!

☕Compact Portability – The ETERNAL55 is small and compact in size so you can enjoy a constant warm and delicious sip anywhere you like!

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 125*1650mm
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 16W

Package Includes:

  • 1* ETERNAL55 Smart Beverage Heater