Easy-To-Wear Snap On Mascara

$55.99 $27.99

Easy-To-Wear Snap On Mascara

$55.99 $27.99

Have an instant perfect eye make-up with this magnetic mascara!

No more applying mascara that looks like spiders’ legs! Introducing this Easy-To-Wear Snap-On Mascara – the Get On-Fleek lashes in just seconds!

FOR STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL EYES – It is the easiest way to get sleek and gorgeous eyelashes. This gives your eye more emphasis to be easily noticed. Highlight anyone’s good facial points with this thick eyelashes!

GIVES INSTANT DRAMATIC EFFECT – Gives an INSTANT dramatic volume! This gives a magnified look to your eyes.

ULTRA-LIGHT AND EASY STICKING – Easy to wear! Ultra-light with strong bonds. Get easy snap-on lashes with the help of an eyelash glue.

EASY AND COMFORTABLE TO WEAR – Position and wear your lashes with just a click! It’s thick yet very light to your eye. No feeling of bulkiness at all.

SUPER SAFE and REUSABLE – No eye irritation! This is made from synthetic fiber that is safe to use. When carefully managed, this can be reusable. 

HOW TO USE – Wear your snap on lashes with these easy steps:

  • Carefully trim the lashes into your desired length and width.
  • Then add eyelashes glue on the root with the help of cotton buds.
  • Hold the eyelash on the root of your natural lashes with pressure till it gains a firm position.

This is a beauty tool kit for any slanted-eye women.

Look glamorously beautiful with energetic and dramatic eyes using this Easy-To-Wear Snap-On Mascara. Buy yours NOW!


Material: Artificial Fiber

Package Inclusion/s:  Get 1 pack Easy-To-Wear Snap-On Mascara (includes 3 pairs with Glue)