Chefcery Knife Sharpener

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Chefcery Knife Sharpener
Chefcery Knife Sharpener


Quick Sharpener:
Immediately sharpens your blades in just 3 swipes from the sharpener.

20° Consistent Sharpening Angle:
The sharpener is pre-set at 20° to give a precise edge consistently every time.

Strong Suction Cup:
The strong suction cup keeps your sharpener in place and allows you to sharpen the knives with one hand only.

Ergonomic Handle:
Handle activates and deactivates secure suctions so you can keep them in place or move them anywhere elseneeded.

Compact and Portable:
Chefcery Knife Sharpener

Wide Use:
Sharpens kitchen knives, and anything and everything with blades, even serrated ones!

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