BioPet Flea & Ticks Removal

$39.99 $19.99

BioPet Flea & Ticks Removal

$39.99 $19.99

Instantly bust away your pets’ fleas & ticks!

Don’t let your whole family get infected with your fur babies’ skin problems! This Anti tick & Flea Spray will prevent any skin disease that are caused by fleas, tick and other insects in your surroundings.

ELIMINATES FUNGAL INFECTION & ITCH PROBLEM – This spray is made of all-natural plant extract that naturally helps to treat your pet’s skin diseases. For happier pets and happier you!

PREVENT SKIN DISEASES FOR GOOD – Eliminates insects, ticks, fleas, fungus, worm, etc. If you don’t treat them early, the skin disease on your pet can transfer to your family which can also make them have red spots and itchy skin.

ALL-NATURAL, SAFE & NO SIDE EFFECT – Specially made of all-natural plant extract to reduce the sensitivity of drugs reaction that may harm your pets. Great for all dogs and cats that are suffering from skin problems, itch, and discomfort.

SIMPLE ADVICE – Shake the bottle well before use. Do not spray directly to your pet’s eyes, nose and mouth because that’s where the very sensitive parts of your pet’s skin are.

Cure your lovable pets now before it’s too late!

Restore healthy pet fur the painless way! Give them extra care with the Anti tick & Flea Spray. Buy Yours NOW!


Material: All natural plant extract

Net Content: 100 ml

Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc. BioPet Flea & Ticks Removal