Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser With 100 Shoe Cover

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Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser With 100 Shoe Cover

No electricity is needed: Shoe cover dispenser work on a mechanical spring, it will automatically releases a bootie around your shoe when you stand up the center of the dispenser. So the shoe cover dispenser not only save electricity, but also environmentally friendly.


High quality Material: Automatic shoe cover dispenser will easily and efficiently cover the shoves, save your valuable time. It is made of PP material + metal movement Safe to use and environmentally friendly.


Non-slip bottom: Durable and cleverly designed shoe cover dispenser, Comes With multiple non-slip washers. Make the shoe machine more stable; will continue for many years to use, Suitable for all types and sizes of shoes


Excellent after-sales support: This automatic shoe cover machine is equipped with 100 PE shoe covers (it uses T-shaped buckle shoe covers). If your shoe covers are used up, please contact me. I will provide you with disposable PE shoe covers at the best price.


Widely use: High quality Shoe cover machine perfect for office, home, shop that need the disosable shoe cover dispenser.The highlight is the thickened spring and the stable hooks which increased durability and stability. Non-slip shoe covers are safer


New PP plastic + ABS Material, Safe and durable, more environmentally friendly

Internal Pedal reinforcement design, durable, smoother stampede.

Anti-slip mats at the bottom, reasonably designed, using environmentally friendly PVC material to effectively prevent the slipper of the shoe cover machine.

How To Install:

1.Extend the shoe cover,you need to pay attention to the directionality of the toe and instep.

2.Put the bottom into the position of corner.

3.Pull off the rubber band,diagonal to install.

4.The four angle installation is completed.

Instructions for use: After installing the shoe cover, as the shoes are stepped on, the disposable shoe covers can be automatically installed to cover the shoes easily

Shoe Cover Dispenser for most adult shoe sizes

Product Material: PP material + metal movement

Size: 15.7* 8.2* 4.7 inches (L* W* H)

Weight: 5.5 lbs

Package Contents:

1 * Shoe Cover Dispenser + 100 shoe cover

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