Anti-Gap Instant Car Seat Organizer


Anti-Gap Instant Car Seat Organizer

Phone, keys, food, and other small items getting LOST in between car seats?

Fill the gap with this multifunctional Anti-Gap Instant Car Seat Organizer

Don’t LOSE Your Stuff In Between Car Seats Anymore!!!

Multi-Slotted Large Storage Compartment

Provides an extended storage compartment…
Keep things within easy reach!

Instant Versatile Storage

Perfect for phones, coins, maps, pens, access cards, keys, and more.
It can even hold your coffee cup!

Hassle-Free Installation

Simply insert it in the gap between car seat and console!
Fits snugly in ANY car!

30 % of car accidents each year are known to have been caused by distracted drivers who were trying to grab their phone or keys that have fallen to the car floor. Don’t let it happen to you, too!

Keep everything within safe and easy reach…

This Anti-Gap Instant Car Seat Organizer is the BEST instant storage addition to every car. Get it NOW!!!


Main Material/s: PU Leather / ABS

Available Colors: Black / Brown / Beige

Available Styles: Leather Version / Updated Version 1 / Updated Version 2

Seat Options: Driver’s Seat / First Officer

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