400X Portable Mobile Phone Microscope


400X Portable Mobile Phone Microscope

1.This mobile phone microscope is specially designed for cellphones, along with the App for IOS or for Android
2.This mobile phone microscope is so lightweight and portable, as it weights 3g and its thickness is 4mm. Enjoy the microphotography easily and conveniently
3.This 3um high optical resolution and the flat-field achromatic objective lens bring the magnification that is about 20-400 times
4.It comes with 12 mini traceless stickers each of which can be reused about 100 times, making it practical and economic. Just stick it to the camera of your phone and then you can take photos. Easy and convenient
5.As it can use the phone flashlight for lighting, it doesn’t require the batteries
6.It can work well with the smartphones for IOS and for Android, such as for Apple, for Huawei, for Samsung, for OPPO, for Xiaomi, for Meizu, etc.. Fits for paper fibers, waterdrops, camphor leaves, cloth, rice weevils, mites, stamps, antiques, and so on
7.This magnifier is used for phone cameras to identify the emerald jewelry and to take photos and observe small objects. 20-400X phone microscope can increase the clarity when taking photos

Color:Black and White
Lens Material:flat-field achromatic objective lens
Lens Diameter:5mm
Packaged Size:about 15.4x8x2cm/6.1×3.2×0.8in
Packaged Weight:about 47g/1.68oz
Weight:about 18g/0.63oz
Suitable for:for Android 4.2 and above,for IOS 8.0 and above
App Name:TipScope
Packaged:Opp bag

1.Place this microscope on the desktop with the back facing up, turn on the mobile app and turn on the flash.
2.Let the camera of the mobile phone aim at the microscope lens, the flash of the mobile phone aim at its lens body to keep the aperture in the middle of the screen.
3.Hold the phone closing to phone microscope, keep the diaphragm in the center of the screen, press the phone and microscope tightly.
4.Place the microscope where is close to the object and then observe it

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